Majority Standard Bible

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The MSB is the Byzantine Majority Text version of the BSB, including the BSB OT plus the NT translated according to the Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Majority Text (byzantinetext.com).

The MSB includes footnotes for translatable variants from the modern Critical Texts (CT) such as the Nestle Aland GNT, SBL GNT, and Editio Critica Maior.

Major variants between the Majority Text (MT) and Textus Receptus (TR) are also noted. For a few passages not included in the MT, the TR translation is denoted with [[brackets]] and also footnoted.

This text is a first version draft and is open to public comment and translation recommendations. Please send all corrections and recommendations to the Berean Bible Translation Committee through the contact page at Berean.Bible.

The final release date is uncertain as of now. The initial release will be in digital format. There are no current plans for a print version, but this possibility will be revisited at a later date.